Anglo Asian Mining PLC's main operations span three contract areas in Azerbaijan covering 1,062 square kilometres.

  • Gedabek – the site of the Company's main open pit mine and also Gadir, a co-located underground mine.
  • Gosha – where the Company is operating a small, high grade mine.
  • Ordubad – an early stage gold and copper exploration property located in the Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan.

The Company processes all its ore at the Gedabek site using predominantly heap and agitation cyanide leaching. It has also built a flotation plant to exploit the high copper content of the ore.

Tethyan Tectonic Belt

Anglo Asian Mining PLC's assets are located within one of the world's significant gold and copper bearing trends, the Tethyan Tectonic Belt, which extends from Pakistan to the Balkans running through Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

The major operating mines within the Tethyan Tectonic Belt contain porphyry copper deposits that are some of the largest sources of copper in the world and also yield significant quantities of gold and molybdenum.

Major copper, gold and molybdenum deposits in the belt include:

  • Sar Chesmeh & Sungun (500 mt at 0.75% Cu, 0.01% Mo) in Iran.
  • Kadjaran (400 mt at 0.27% Cu, 0.055% Mo, 0.03 g/t Au) & Agarak (45 mt at 0.46% Cu, 0.027% Mo, 0.025 g/t Au) in Armenia.
  • Tekhout & Zod (4.3 mt at 7.3 g/t Au) in Armenia.
  • Cayeli (20 mt at 4.2% Cu, 0.8 g/t Au) and Cerateppe (3 mt at 5.1% Cu) in Turkey.
  • Madneuli (23.5 mt at 1.03 g/t Au) in Georgia.

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